Your Guide to Fine Dining in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas is a rapidly growing city with a hot food scene. In this article, we are giving you a highly curated guide to fine dining in Austin, created by Austin locals.

We feel that fine dining must incorporate good food, good atmosphere, and good service. We are not including any restaurants that feel overly trendy (i.e., people just go there for an Instagram photo), or where the quality does not meet the price that you pay.

We recommend making a reservation at any of the following restaurants, especially on a weekend. We also want to note that Austin attire is very casual. Even at the nicest restaurants (which I will note below), there will be a variety in formality. A handful of men may be in blazers, but you can pretty much get away with a button down and nice jeans anywhere. Many sit-down restaurants in Austin will have people in polos, t-shirts, and/or shorts.



Olamaie offers a fine dining take on traditional southern cuisine. As one of the nicest restaurants in Austin, it is the perfect place for an intimate date or a special occasion dinner. It is located in an adorable, elegantly renovated old home on the north edge of downtown (just south of The University of Texas campus).

Olamaie has become famous for their delicious biscuits – so much so that they opened a casual biscuit/biscuit sandwich restaurant called “Little Ola’s Biscuits”. In addition to the biscuits with honey butter, we recommend the Beef Tartare and Jefferson Red Rice with Gulf Shrimp.

Some restaurant guests opt for dressier attire such as a blazer and nice jeans, while others go slightly more casual. We would not recommend wearing shorts here.

Uchi and Uchiko

Uchi is located on South Lamar just south of downtown, while Uchiko is located on North Lamar near 45th Street. Uchiko is the sister restaurant and slightly more casual version of Uchi. Everything is extremely fresh, well prepared, and served at the perfect temperature. Unlike a lot of sushi that relies on soy sauce and wasabi, Uchi and Uchiko flavor each dish uniquely with ingredients such as pieces of garlic, citrus, pear, or chili. For one of the best fine dining experiences in Austin, order the Chef’s Tasting Ten Course Omakase.

They also have an amazing happy hour – we’ve featured them in The Best Austin Happy Hours – 2023 Edition.

Swift’s Attic


Swift’s Attic offers a dark, moody, stylish aesthetic in the upstairs of an old building on Congress. It is a prime location in central downtown. The food at Swift’s Attic is a combination of new American and Asian. We recommend trying the Charred Edamame with pop rocks (it sounds crazy, but you will love it), Tiger Apricots, Wagyu Exellente Baseball Sirloin, and Pad Thai. The cocktails are also amazing, and there is a jazz bar downstairs if you want to keep the party going after dinner.


We highly recommend Lin for dinner. It is located in a cute bungalow-style home on West 6th Street, near Clarksville. (Note that this is not the party/bar area of 6th Street that you may think of when you hear 6th Street – that is East of Lamar.) The dining area is pretty tight quarters and is always crowded, so be prepared for lots of people and noise. There is also seating on the front porch, which is a bit calmer.

Lin is famous for their soup dumplings – these are not to be skipped! We also recommend the Scallion Pancake Curry Dip, Shrimp with Mushroom Bao, Dan Dan Noodles, and of course the Lychee Martinis.

The Peacock Mediterranean Grill


The Peacock is one of Austin’s few Mediterranean restaurants. The plates are made to share, allowing the meal to feel like an interactive experience. It is a great spot for a fun group dinner, girl’s night, or a date. We highly recommend the hummus, dumplings, and octopus.

The Peacock is located in the Austin Proper Hotel in downtown Austin, which was designed by the esteemed Kelly Wearstler. There is both indoor and outdoor seating, with the patio area offering nice views of Shoal Creek.

Josephine House

We highly recommend Josephine House for brunch. Our top brunch picks are the ricotta pancakes, huevos rancheros, and shrimp and grits. Josephine House is located in Clarksville, a historic neighborhood just west of downtown Austin. The stylish interior is small, but there is plenty of outdoor seating. They also have a “Monday Night Steak Frites” special that is worth checking out.

Josephine House is owned by the MMG Hospitality Group (as are several other restaurants on this list). MMG Hospitality Group has the secret formula of creating a unique design and aesthetic, good food, well thought out menus, and staff that knows what they are talking about.



Jeffrey’s is one of our top two picks for nicest restaurant in Austin, and wins in the category of nicest steakhouse. It is one of the few restaurants in Austin that people dress up for (typically men are in blazers, women are in dresses or nice ensembles). It boasts an extensive wine menu, with in-house sommeliers and expertly-trained waiters. In addition to the steak, we highly recommend the truffled deviled eggs and lobster bisque. Also, the complementary popovers with a ricotta spread are delicious. If you are a sauce person, you will love that Jeffrey’s offers many options such as a house-made steak sauce, flavored butters, and béarnaise.

For two people, a several course dinner with wine or drinks will likely cost around $300-$500. It is a great place for a nice date night, a special occasion, or for those looking for a more traditional fine dining experience in Austin.



Justine’s is one of the few French restaurants in Austin that survived the pandemic, and we are so happy that they did! It is located a bit further out on the east side of Austin, but the drive is worth it.

We recommend their steak frites, French onion soup, pork chop, and creme brûlée. Justine’s ambiance is very French and moody, while also a bit hipster and eclectic. They have a heated outdoor tent, often draped in red velvet.

Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove is different from almost any restaurant you’ve ever been to. It is high-end “Urban Western” cuisine, but the thing that really sets Lonesome Dove apart is the variety of different types of meat. Their menu includes many unique items such as “Rabbit-Rattlesnake Sausage”, “Elk-Foie Gras Sliders”, and “Wild Texas Boar”. They also offer highly-rated steaks, and a variety of more traditional sides. Lonesome Dove is a great pick for a boy’s night, for those who love to hunt or fish, or for those looking to broaden their pallets and have a memorable experience. For vegetarians, Lonesome Dove is probably not the best choice.



Vespaio opened in 1998, and is an Austin Italian cuisine staple. Located on bustling South Congress, Vespaio is surrounded by trendy boutiques and hotels. It is one of the more reasonably priced restaurants on this list. Most items on the menu are traditional Italian food, all made with high-quality ingredients. Vespaio’s pasta, bread, and desserts are made in-house from scratch. Portions are large and filling.

Fonda San Miguel


Fonda San Miguel opened in 1975 – almost 50 years ago! It is still owned by the surviving co-founder, Tom Gilliland. Unlike most of the “Tex-Mex” you find in Austin, Fonda San Miguel serves authentic interior and coastal Mexican cuisine. In addition to the best margaritas that you will find in Austin, we also recommend the Queso Fundido, Ceviches Las Brisas, Tacos Al Pastor, and Tres Leches Cake.

The restaurant’s exterior, interior design, art, and plants truly make you feel like you are in Mexico. You typically need a reservation to sit in the dining room, but the atrium and bar areas are first-come, first-serve. You can order from the full menu at these locations.



Comedor is a modern interior Mexican restaurant located in downtown Austin. One of the huge draws to Comedor is the architecture, designed by Tom Kundig. The building is modern yet moody, and is a stand-out in downtown Austin.

The dishes are small, and are great for family-style dining. We recommend the Bone Marrow Tacos, Smoked Pescado Tostada, and Tacos de Pescado. The cocktails are also great (and strong), and offer many mezcal options. If you are going for dinner, you will need to order at least a handful of dishes to be full. The dishes are beautifully plated, and have a gastronomical flair.


fine dining in austin

Located at Commodore Perry, an Auberge resort, Lutie’s is decorated to the nines and offers an experience that feels very different from most of Austin. If you are not staying at Commodore Perry, a visit to Lutie’s is the only way that you are able to get a glimpse of the beautiful resort and gardens. You will instantly feel as though you were transported to Italy. The craft cocktails are expertly made, and we love that there are lots of healthy options on the menu.



Mattie’s is one of our favorite spots for brunch in Austin. It is beautifully decorated, with each room slightly different from the next. While it is located on a beautiful piece of land just west of the popular South Congress strip, it feels like you are in the countryside on a farm. There are even wild peacocks that roam the property. In addition to being a restaurant, Mattie’s also hosts weddings and other events. The home was first opened as a restaurant in 1946, named “Green Pastures”.

We would love to hear any other favorites in the comment section below! We also recommend checking out The Best Austin Happy Hours – 2023 Edition!

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