Quick and Easy Solutions for a More Organized Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in our homes, and play a functional role in helping to organize all of the things we frequently need for cooking and entertaining. Because of this, it is important to give everything a “home” within the kitchen, making your organizational system feel intentional. The more that your kitchen is planned out and functional, the more likely you will be to want to maintain your system. Having an organized kitchen can improve your day-to-day routines.

Whether you have a small kitchen, or are looking to maximize the space you have, the following tips will help make your space more organized — without breaking the bank. These are easy organizational tips that can be used by anyone without requiring a contractor or costly renovations, regardless of whether you own or rent your home. If you are building or renovating your home, we’ve also compiled additional organizational tips you may find helpful.

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A custom look for drawers with wooden drawer inserts for silverware, utensils and knives

This silverware insert includes several spots for other items such as serving utensils, reusable straws, or corkscrews. The knife block insert has two levels – one for smaller knives, such as pairing or dinner knives; and one for larger knives, such as chef, butcher, and bread knives.

For a large cutlery drawer, consider combining a silverware insert and half of a knife block insert, as pictured above. The addition of a knife block insert makes a great place to store dinner and steak knives.

Including an additional knife block insert near your meal preparation space gives you a convenient place to keep cooking knives.

Also, near your food preparation area, consider including a cooking utensil insert to organize your prep items, including peelers, measuring spoons, graters/zesters, a can opener, etc.

inserts for a more organized kitchen

Keep cabinets and drawers organized with pegboards

Pegboards are a great solution for keeping drawers and cabinets tidy. They help to create division, and keep things from sliding around. This is especially important with breakables.

You can purchase a pegboard that will fit into your drawer, or buy one that’s larger and trim it down to your exact drawer size. To install, you simply set the pegboard inside of your drawer and arrange your pegs as desired. The boards come with a few pegs, but you can also purchase extras.

A handy roll-up drying rack

We recently discovered this drying rack, and it has proven to be so useful! It sits over the sink, and can be rolled up when not using it. It doesn’t take up valuable counter space like other drying racks do, and can easily be stored under the sink. Since it sits over the sink, your dishes drip directly into the sink rather than onto your counters – this is especially important if you have marble or natural stone countertops.

Think vertical: A better way to organize pots and pans

This cookware organizer is a great solution for storing pots and pans in a traditional cabinet. It utilizes the vertical space of the cabinet, and you will be able to easily access any of your cookware.

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