Planning a Home Remodel? Four Tips to Know

Starting a home remodel is time consuming, stressful, and expensive. Proper planning can help you ensure your experience is a positive one. There are many things to consider before embarking on a home renovation, whether you’re updating your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry. Before you start tearing down sheetrock, here are four things to consider in your planning.

1. Live in your home prior to starting the remodel

Living in your house prior to starting a renovation will help you see how you and your family use the space. You may notice that your priorities shift, or you may uncover functional issues with the space. For example, there may not be enough storage, or the walkway between kitchen cabinets is too narrow. Maybe the oven hits the dishwasher when both are opened, or a room does not get as much natural light as you originally thought.

In a recent renovation, we realized the frustration of only being able to access the backyard through a hallway, so we added French doors to the outside in the dining area. Every house has its quirks, and living in it will quickly bring those to light. This can help you make informed decisions about where to best use your budget.

2. Protect your furniture and valuables

Everything will be covered in construction dust by the end of the renovation, even the rooms that were not worked on. Upholstered furniture and rugs are especially difficult to clean, while hard surfaces wipe up easily. Protective plastic wrap over furniture will help, but if you have any valuable furniture or art, it may be best to temporarily rent a storage unit.

If the weather permits, not running the HVAC will prevent extra dust from circulating throughout the house. If you do have to run it, you can put external filters over your HVAC vents. No matter the preventative measures you take, be prepared to do a deep clean of the entire house once the work is done.

When remodeling, you will have many people coming in and out of your home, often times when you are not there. Be conscious of this when choosing where to store your sensitive personal and financial documents and valuable belongings.

3. Where to live during a home remodel

If you are fully remodeling the kitchen or a large portion of the house, it’s advisable not to attempt to live there during the process. This can be especially difficult with children or if you work from home. Staying nearby is best, so that you can check on the project frequently. Being nearby will allow you to quickly get to the house when your contractor has questions or runs into issues. Keep rental expenses in mind when building your budget.

4. Before starting any work, create a budget

budget for home remodel

Creating a comprehensive budget is the first step to any remodel. Check out How to build a home renovation budget for details on the budgeting process!

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